earsplitting earsplitting


  • (adj) loud enough to cause (temporary) hearing loss



  1. Then three green flares soared into the heavens, and more than 20,000 guns of all calibers erupted with an earsplitting, earth-shaking roar.
  2. Even sports stadiums, always noisy places, have got louder as earsplitting commercials fill the comparatively quiet interludes that used to prevail during pauses in the action.
  3. Then he turned off the mike, launched into a sermon that his congregation found even more earsplitting.


  • Chuck Koplinski: Absence of Kent leaves 'Man of Steel' cold

    "Man of Steel" is a massive, flawed reboot of the character that is so bent on delivering one earsplitting, eye-straining action sequence after another that it forgets the human element that is vital to fully realizing this modern myth. One of the crucial aspects of superheroes is the notion of the secret identity, the physical and psychic split in the character that delineates the real person ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: IlliniHQ.com

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