earnestness earnestness  /ˈɜrnəst nəs/


  1. (n) an earnest and sincere feeling
  2. (n) the trait of being serious



  1. Finally, though, Traffic, for all its earnestness, does not work.
  2. Lessing's earnestness can be too much at times, but as a portrait of a woman coming to grips with the realities of her time her book is indispensable.
  3. We would admire both his earnestness and his self-aware irony.


  • Bogost: Let's make 'earnest' games, not 'serious games'

    Most "serious games" exist for some other purpose than to be played, says scholar and designer Ian Bogost, suggesting at 2013's Games for Change that earnestness, not seriousness, is what's needed. ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Gamasutra


  1. "Let us strive to adopt his methods to our present day challenges, with earnestness and perseverance," Sonia Gandhi said observing: "It is not the relevance of Mahatma Gandhi that is in question today. What is in question today is whether we...
    on Oct 2, 2007 By: Sonia Gandhi Source: KalingaTimes

  2. "During his deposition he made statements we know are untrue, and he made this with the same earnestness that many of the committee members observed in person when he visited your offices," Waxman says. "In other areas his statements are...
    on Feb 13, 2008 By: Henry Waxman Source: USA Today

  3. "We have always dreamed of finding a label that allows us artistic freedom and has the muscle to get the music to the people," comments Astbury. "At the heart of this recording is an urban directness of savage rawness and an earnestness that...
    on May 29, 2007 By: Ian Astbury Source: Blabbermouth.net

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