dutifulness dutifulness


  • (n) piety by virtue of devotion to duty


  1. He clearly believes in marriage, family, bourgeois dutifulness.
  2. It is a measure of their dutifulness that they often evoke a certain patriotism to rationalize their choice.
  3. There's a degree of reluctance in some of them, and a degree of incompetence, too, but they exhibit a heartening bravery and dutifulness.


  • Movie Review: "Skyfall"

    Sex and danger and thrills and beautiful women and exotic locations and great clothes ... but not this time. first Bond movie. [...] it replaces a sexual relationship with a mother-son type relationshop, less fun for all concerned. [...] it forces an already subdued Bond into a mode of dutifulness and subordination; that is, it turns a bad boy into a good son. [...] it throws the emphasis on M ...
    on September 13, 2013     Source: San Antonio Express-News

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