ductile ductile  /ˈdək təl/


  1. (adj) easily influenced
  2. (adj) capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out


  • Other gateways are drafting facilities with ductile window frames that flex during explosions.


  • Flux-Cored Wire creates low-hydrogen welds in pipelines.

    Designed for overmatch welding on API 5L Grade X80 steel pipelines, Fabshield® X90 ensures welds remain ductile and resist cracking with low-temperature impacts. Diffusible hydrogen designation of 6.2 mL/100 g of weldment further minimizes chance of cracking. Available in 5/64 in. diameter, wire operates on DCEN, requires no shielding gas, and features fast-freezing slag for consistent vertical ...
    on July 9, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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