drippage drippage


  • (n) a liquid (as water) that flows in drops (as from the eaves of house)


  • Forgive my total drippage of snarkery, but isn't this exactly what Republicans are about these days? Fock them results! Who the hell needs those.


  • 2 New Ways To Treat Your Allergies During Peak Season

    It's peak allergy season – as if you didn't know already – and ragweed pollen is the culprit. It's the most common cause for seasonal allergies, and if you're having a tough time dealing with it, here are some products that doctor say could help. The first is an alternative to liquid nasal sprays that often cause uncomfortable drippage. It's an aerosol spray that's getting rave reviews.
    on September 4, 2013     Source: CBS Minnesota

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