double-crosser double-crosser


  • (n) a person who says one thing and does another


  1. Other union chiefs despised him as a double-crosser.
  2. If most of them had any real belief that you are going to cut into their new high living standards, they would call you a double-crosser and throw you out.


  1. Enraged, Truman wrote a private note on his calendar: "The State Dept. pulled the rug from under me today. The first I know about it is what I read in the newspapers! Isn't that hell? I'm now in the position of a liar and double-crosser. I've never...
    on May 6, 2008 By: Harry Truman Source: Washington Post

  2. "And he is greedy: Money is more important than communion with Jesus, more important than God and his love. He also becomes a liar, a double-crosser who breaks with the truth," Pope Benedict said.
    on Apr 13, 2006 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Catholic News Service

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