dolmas dolmas


  • (n) well-seasoned rice (with nuts or currants or minced lamb) simmered or braised in stock


  • From Greece, Turkey, Rumania, Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria come such delights as baked corn bread with pungent Serbian cheese, seductively oily stuffed vegetable dolmas and .


  • Things We Like: Falafel with flavor

    Where you can buy it: Artichoke Pizza ‘n’ Pita, 551 E. Moana Lane Cost: $10.99 for the “Get It All” special, which includes falafel, hummus, dolmas, pita bread, gyro meat and a Greek salad of fresh greens, feta cheese and spicy peppers topped with tzatziki sauce.
    on July 25, 2013     Source: Reno Gazette-Journal


  • "As cultures and food traditions from all corners of the globe converge in one country, America has been transformed from a land of meat and potatoes into a land of couscous and noodles, dolmas and tiraditos, tacos and sushi, dumplings and...
    on Nov 4, 2009 By: Marcus Samuelsson Source:

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