displeasing displeasing


  • (adj) causing displeasure or lacking pleasing qualities


  • Maybe, but once he takes office the born pleaser will have to master a different art: that of displeasing people.


  • The Art of Booing David Stern and a Pick at the NBA Draft

    Draft night is a special time for possible NBA entrants, but it's also a special night for the people attending the event. They get to boo David Stern and their favorite team, should they end up displeasing the fans. Simply tossing a "B" followed by a bunch of "O"s out at him every time Stern steps to the podium is a bit excessive. There are times when booing should be raucous and demoralizing ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. Al-Miqdam ibn Ma'd Yakrib said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah say: The son of Adam fills no vessel more displeasing to Allah than his stomach. A few morsels should be enough for him to preserve his strength. If he must fill it, then he should...
    on Feb 9, 2007 By: Ibn al-Qayyim Source: Gulf Times

  2. "This is not a resolution that provides the comprehensive solution," US Ambassador John Bolton said. "I'm sure there are aspects of it that are displeasing to almost everyone but the point is this is a way to get started and that's what we...
    on Aug 5, 2006 By: John Bolton Source: CBS News

  3. "I need to see the tape," Fulmer said of his QBs. "I don't know that it was a fantastic day. Nick Stephens led a couple of long drives. We just need to see the tape. Nothing necessarily displeasing but nothing outstanding either."
    on Mar 29, 2008 By: Phillip Fulmer Source: GoVolsXtra

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