disinterestedly disinterestedly


  • (adv) without bias; without selfish motives


  1. For three taut hours, as sweating scientists clustered around tracking screens and feverishly processed telemetry data, Radio Moscow disinterestedly played ballet music.
  2. But having accepted a neutral's responsibility on an international commission, he was presumably bound to judge the case disinterestedly on its merits.
  3. He spoke of forming a vital Republican Party in the Democratic state of Texas, as if he were his father disinterestedly keeping the two-party system alive.


  • Years ago, the columnist Walter Lippmann wrote that the "public interest may be presumed to be what men would choose if they saw clearly, thought rationally, acted disinterestedly and benevolently."
    on Feb 19, 2007 By: Walter Lippmann Source: Yahoo! News

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