disbandment disbandment


  • (n) the act of disbanding


  1. Appeal to the Council of Ambassadors in Paris having failed, the Bulgarian Government reluctantly ordered the disbandment of 3,000 temporary soldiers.
  2. If after disbandment no limit is set on military expenditures, then the national credit will be ruined and it will be impossible to raise more funds.
  3. The new constitution calls for disbandment of all paramilitary groups not sanctioned by the government.


  • Schaumburg hires new investigations commander

    Repairs to the Schaumburg Police Department continued Tuesday with the hiring of retired Illinois State Police Capt. Dan Roach as the department's new commander of investigations. The hiring of Roach marks another major step in the reorganization of the department following the arrests of three undercover officers on drug conspiracy charges in January, and the subsequent disbandment of the force ...
    on September 3, 2013     Source: Daily Herald


  1. "I appeal to all Muslims to keep fighting so that the Government issues a presidential decree on the disbandment of Ahmadiyah," Bashir said. "Ahmadiyah has disgraced Islam."
    on Jun 10, 2008 By: Abu Bakar Bashir Source: The Age

  2. Mr Ahern said he had "never used the word disbandment" about the IRA, but could foresee it continuing as a commemorative organisation marking its anniversaries after any statement.
    on Jun 15, 2005 By: Bertie Ahern Source: BBC News

  3. "Backed by Afghan people's strong desire to get rid of all the illegal armed groups in Afghanistan and to make this country safe and prosperous, the government of Afghanistan has committed itself to accomplishing Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups...
    on Jul 2, 2006 By: Hamid Karzai Source: Online - International News Network

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