disappointingly disappointingly  /dɪs ə ˈpɔ ɪn tɪŋ li/


  • (adv) in a disappointing manner


  1. In Canada's wheat belt, a particularly chilly and rainy spring has delayed planting and may well bring a disappointingly small harvest.
  2. But his next, Black Mischief, sandwiched in between some disappointingly pedantic travel books, had an inferior taste, a gritty quality that set some teeth on edge.
  3. What followed was a disappointingly anemic recovery, then a sharp recession in 1937-1938.


  1. Miller: Weaver having 1 tough season

    ANAHEIM - It is the oddest statistic among all the disappointingly bizarre facts the Angels have produced to date.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Orange County Register

  2. LETTER: One more time: Vote to reject Chariho budget June 18

    "Disappointingly, Chariho school committee members still refuse to make meaningful spending reforms."
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Westerly Sun


  1. "Obviously I am disappointed," said Hamilton. "I am not happy after a result like today but I'm already getting over it and tomorrow will be another day. Disappointingly, I didn't make a great start but I slipstreamed Kimi and went up the...
    on Oct 12, 2008 By: Lewis Hamilton Source: Sportinglife.com

  2. "Disappointingly, they have been matched by moves to expand detention without trial and house arrest of activists, and by a tightening of controls over domestic media and the Internet," Catherine Baber, deputy Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty...
    on Apr 29, 2007 By: Babur Source: Forbes

  3. "We have come here to win the series, and we have done this, after starting disappointingly," Daniel Vettori, the New Zealand captain, said. "We would have loved to make it 3-0 but a win is a win."
    on Oct 14, 2008 By: Daniel Vettori Source: CricInfo.com

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