disability check disability check


  • (n) a monthly payment made to someone who has become disabled and is unable to work


  1. But the Eshelmans' world may be on the brink of collapse because of new federal rules that could take away Jonathan's $74-a-week disability check.
  2. Unable to return to his job as a postal carrier, he gets by on a $2,000 monthly disability check from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


  1. Insight about veterans and disability percentage

    Many veterans get a VA disability check every month and yet are not disabled. They hold full-time jobs, and some make six-figure salaries and yet take disability checks from Veterans Affair for $1,000 to $2,000 a month.
    on July 15, 2013     Source: The Olympian

  2. Judge sends man to prison for life for killing landlady

    Killer arrived at the home on the day of the shooting to rent a room with money from his Social Security disability check.
    on July 14, 2013     Source: Norwalk Reflector

  3. 77-year-old women arrested for forging disability check

    The Goldsboro Police Department has arrested a 77-year-old woman for forging the signature to a Social Security Disability check. On July 9, 2013 police arrested Lillian Joyce Anrews, 77, of Goldsboro
    on July 10, 2013     Source: WNCT Greenville

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