dignifying dignifying


  • (adj) investing with dignity or honor


  1. Unlike the Wyoming statesmen, however, the others were not dignifying their admiration for President Coolidge by formal petitions to him.
  2. But this dignifying of Protestantism cannot be a mere imitation.
  3. It's time to stop dignifying this man's low games with responses which only increase his power base.


  1. Scott McClellan, the White House spokesman, told The Associated Press via an e-mail message, "We are not interested in dignifying something so outlandish and inconceivable with a response."
    on Nov 22, 2005 By: Scott McClellan Source: New York Times

  2. Lauder added: "These groups, who claim to hold up values such as peace and mutual understanding, make a mockery of themselves by shamelessly providing a cruel dictator and racist with a platform for his invective. There is no purpose in dignifying...
    on Sep 22, 2008 By: Ronald S Lauder Source: MarketWatch

  3. "If I answered by dignifying that, (Bill) Parcells and (Bill) Belichick would humiliate me," Weis said about his coaching mentors when asked about his connection to Rockne. "I've just coached two games and they've played two games. Let's come...
    on Sep 10, 2005 By: Charlie Weis Source: USA Today

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