derrida derrida


  • (n) French philosopher and critic (born in Algeria); exponent of deconstructionism (1930-2004)


  • What Time Does The French Open Start?

    Do you feel like you need to be a Derrida scholar to deconstruct the French Open scheduling? Can't figure out what time to watch the men's semis? Never fear, we here at the Daily Fix have Ph.Ds in time-difference calculation and internet searching, all for the benefit of your DVR-programming needs.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Wall Street Journal Blogs


  1. ("He understands Derrida better than some professors," Cornel West said.) Those articles proved the whole "Matrix" enterprise was doomed: any thriller that needs a French philosopher to prop up its glossy hokum is in trouble.
    on Oct 27, 2006 By: Cornel West Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. The Guardian hailed his "dramatic impact on the study of literature"; Roger Scruton said he talked "nonsense". "Can there be any certainty in the death of Jacques Derrida?"
    on Nov 18, 2004 By: Roger Scruton Source:

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