dermal dermal  /ˈdɜr məl/


  1. (adj) of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula
  2. (adj) of or relating to or located in the dermis
  3. (adj) relating to or existing on or affecting the skin


  1. Let's finish up that talk with Dimitrios Pandermalis, who heads the new Acropolis Museum project.
  2. Speedo's Fastskin suit mimics a shark's dermal denticles, V-shaped ridges that lessen drag by directing water flow away from the body.
  3. The laboratory-grown collagen serves as a permanent scaffolding, above, in areas in which both the upper epidermis and deeper dermal layers of skin have been burned.



  1. "There are going to be different types of technology, such as trans-dermal detection that will have sensors to detect the blood alcohol level of an individual before he starts the car, so it doesn't allow the car to start," said Birch.
    on Nov 20, 2006 By: Glynn Birch Source: CBS News

  2. ...his book Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities [available on the web at ], Robert A. Freitas Jr. describes [in section (page 204)] a "programmable dermal display" in which a population...
    on Sep 23, 2005 By: Robert A Freitas Jr Source:

  3. "Dermal fillers are used for facial aesthetic treatments," Dr Satish Bhatia, dermatologist and skin surgeon, Lady Ratan Tata Research Centre, Cooperage, said.
    on Mar 14, 2010 By: Ratan Tata Source: Daily News & Analysis

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