dependably dependably


  • (adv) in a faithful manner



  1. But he is also encroaching on states that have recently gone dependably Republican, including Nevada, Virginia and Colorado.
  2. The cardiologist suspected that they needed more repetition for their brains to assimilate the patterns dependably.
  3. He's against the death penalty, in favor of education spending dependably Kennedyesque.



  1. "It was once viewed as being ...... a dependably Republican, Midwestern state, and obviously, that's no longer true," Sabato said.
    on Apr 3, 2009 By: Larry Sabato Source: Gazette Online

  2. "He had the presence of a man of thirty," Mailer writes, "the deferential enthusiasm, the bright but dependably unoriginal mind, of a sales manager promoted for his ability over men older than himself."
    on Aug 19, 2008 By: Norman Mailer Source: The Phoenix

  3. "Increasingly, if you ask a Jewish voter which party is more dependably pro-Israel and focused on the war on terrorism, they would say the Republican Party," Blunt told JTA in a November 2004 election-eve interview.
    on Jan 14, 2006 By: Roy Blunt Source: Jerusalem Post

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