delectation delectation


  1. (n) a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction
  2. (n) act of receiving pleasure from something



  1. Today it's a scenic spot for the occasional exhibition and the delectation of select tourists.
  2. But your search will be worth it if it leads you to the intoxicating delectation that is halo-halo.
  3. France has given its people time not just to work, but to enjoy the fruits of their labor to the delectation of the rest of us.



  • "I am puzzled," Mr. Montebello said, "by the zeal with which the United States rushes to embrace foreign laws that can ultimately deprive its own citizens of important objects useful to the education and delectation of its own citizens."
    on Feb 27, 2006 By: Philippe de Montebello Source: New York Times

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