deep down deep down


  • (adv) in reality


  1. Save us from what deep down we know is right.
  2. But deep down, we know they won't be; decline terminal, indeed comes to us all.
  3. But it took the geniuses of our time to reveal how beautifully ordered life is deep down where we can't see it at all--in the molecular workshop where we become who we are.


  • Google: GPAs are worthless

    Yes, Google is now looking for real people. (Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film) Kids, you know that studying is boring. Now I can tell you that it's useless, too. Oh, of course I always knew this deep down inside, but I was waiting for the one thing that would confirm this: data. My eyes and ears are bathing in the finest and most accurate data money can buy: data from Google. The quote that ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: CNET

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