decisive decisive  /dɪs ˈaɪ sɪv/


  1. (adj) determining or having the power to determine an outcome
  2. (adj) unmistakable
  3. (adj) characterized by decision and firmness
  4. (adj) forming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis



  1. What's harder to pin down are the slower but more decisive motions that make the great arcs of history.
  2. Germany scored the decisive goal just before halftime.
  3. Ramaphosa's decision to leave politics was characteristic: decisive, bold and imaginative.


  1. Bloomfield primary winners shift focus to fall vote

    Fresh off decisive primary victories, Bloomfield Republican and Democratic council candidates are gearing up for the November General Election.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Record

  2. Diamondbacks-Dodgers Preview

    While tensions could still be being running hot between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers in their decisive series finale, it might not be enough to overshadow a potentially stellar matchup between two of the NL's top pitchers.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Associated Press via Yahoo! Sports

  3. SoftBank Looks Closer To Bagging Sprint But Clearwire's Fate Is Still Unclear

    The fight for Sprint seems to have taken a decisive turn away from Dish Network with SoftBank?s improved bid for the carrier receiving unanimous backing from not only Sprint?s board but also its largest shareholder.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. ...a letter to NATO soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan, a gesture he also made when he took over command of US troops in Iraq in 2007, Petraeus wrote, "We must never forget that the decisive terrain in Afghanistan is the human terrain."
    on Jul 4, 2010 By: David Petraeus Source: Washington Post

  2. "Every member of Congress and every American should keep in mind that a vote for this bill is a vote to prevent economic damage to you and your community," Bush said of the emergency rescue bill. "With this strong and decisive legislation we...
    on Sep 29, 2008 By: President Bush Source:

  3. "It shows the progress of his mind. This was a decisive moment," Billington said. "We recovered a magic moment that was otherwise lost to history."
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: James Billington Source: SW Iowa News

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