deceivingly deceivingly


  • (adv) in a misleading way



  1. It's just another night in Macau, the deceivingly sleepy, Portuguese-run enclave and gambling mecca on China's southern coast.
  2. In the fitness game, appearances are deceivingly important.
  3. A James Taylor song is instantly recognizable for his limpid voice, sweet melody, deceivingly simple harmony and faultless guitar work.



  1. "On No. 7 I had a lie that looked good, but it was deceivingly bad," Kerr said. "I move it about 30 yards when I thought I could get it to the green. Then, one that looked pretty bad kind of popped out good. I think (the rough) is going to be...
    on Jul 5, 2010 By: Cristie Kerr Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  2. "I was kind of like, 'No way,' because our outfield is so stacked, but anytime you can add a guy of that caliber, he's almost deceivingly good," said Anderson, who is with Class AAA Pawtucket. "It's definitely a good problem to have. But I...
    on Aug 14, 2009 By: Brian Anderson Source: Chicago Sun-Times

  3. "Malcolm has very, very strong legs," Redell said. "He's deceivingly fast, faster than he looks. He's got great speed and size at about 215 pounds. He's got great hands, too. He can really catch the ball."
    on Oct 1, 2008 By: Bill Redell Source: Thousand Oaks Acorn

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