decapitate decapitate  /di ˈkæ pə ˌteɪt/


  • (v) cut the head of



  1. The Arabs will not be impressed if we, like in their culture, decapitate all the little guys and exonerate anybody above a certain level who was responsible.
  2. Court documents unsealed Monday show two neo-Nazi skinheads planned to rob a gun store and shoot or decapitate Obama and 102 other black people in a murder spree.
  3. This time his chief weapon is not his flying feet but a boomerang bowler he uses to decapitate his rivals.



  1. "There won't be tonight, unless you decapitate Michigan and Florida, which violates our values and is dumb politics," Bill Clinton said.
    on May 19, 2008 By: Bill Clinton Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "For 27 years we've been asking, 'Who could take a 6-year-old boy and murder him and decapitate him? Who?'" John Walsh said at a news conference. "We needed to know. We needed to know. And today we know."
    on Dec 16, 2008 By: John Walsh Source: Reuters

  3. "To be blunt, when I got the phone call to say that in our near neighbour to the north, East Timor, there'd been an attempt to decapitate the entire democratically-elected leadership of that small democracy," Mr Rudd told ABC radio. "That...
    on Mar 2, 2008 By: Kevin Rudd Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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