deafened deafened


  • (adj) caused to hear poorly or not at all


  1. The powerful explosion that followed temporarily deafened Kaddar, tore a hole in the desk, and fatally wounded Shachori in the stomach and chest.
  2. A newsman was deafened, temporarily at least, when struck on the ear by a cantaloupe.
  3. On the west coast, a large sound truck equipped with a gramophone amplifier nearly deafened the citizens of Pensacola with the Dipsy Doodle.


  • Researchers Say Hearing Loss from IEDs May Be Treatable

    Victims of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, in war zones often suffer hearing loss, but a new study suggests that the deafness may not be permanent. The findings suggest that the inner ear structures that are damaged in such roadside bomb blasts may recover with the proper treatment. Soldiers who survive the explosion of a roadside bomb, are usually deafened in addition to sustaining other ...
    on July 2, 2013     Source: Voice of America


  1. "One of our senior doctors told me: 'The driver of this car is going to cooked, vibrated, acoustically deafened, subjected to enormous G-forces which will both disorientate and threaten to make him black out,'" Green said. "To put that in...
    on Oct 23, 2008 By: Andy Green Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "There was a billow of smoke and then a massive bang and my ears were deafened," said Kartini, a 32-year-old Christian woman who was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds to her chest and feet.
    on Dec 31, 2005 By: Raden Ajeng Kartini Source: USA Today

  3. "Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, everyone has the right to equal treatment with regard to services. I am pleased that this settlement will enable the deaf, deafened and profoundly hard of hearing communities to fully enjoy theatre-going...
    on Jul 24, 2007 By: Barbara Hall Source: Canada NewsWire (press release)

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