cussedness cussedness


  • (n) meanspirited disagreeable contrariness


  1. For most of human history, a long and healthy life has been shrugged off as a gift from the gods--or maybe the undeserved reward for a lifetime of plain cussedness.
  2. Reagan had been favored to prevail in Texas, where nothing succeeds like conservative politics with a touch of cussedness.
  3. Where so many others would have given up and given in, however, Shawn found just enough cussedness to will himself to the finish.


  1. "Every time Axl farts, it's national news," Davis says. "I don't get it. For a lot of people, he's an icon of American cussedness, just sheer stubbornness. He doesn't take any bull**** off anybody, is first to admit he has mental...
    on Oct 20, 2008 By: Stephen Davis Source: BU Today

  2. "His cussedness could quite easily have been formed before the match by matters of selection, his hotel bedroom or even the nightly meal allowance," wrote Lewis. "Whatever the motives were he had no right to force them on the sponsors who...
    on Mar 2, 2007 By: Tony Lewis Source:

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