cursive cursive


  1. (n) rapid handwriting in which letters are set down in full and are cursively connected within words without lifting the writing implement from the paper
  2. (adj) having successive letter joined together



  1. I can't remember how to write a capital Z in cursive.
  2. Inspired by painters like Abstract Expressionist Franz Kline, Bierut found that zooming in on the details of the cursive lettering would modernize it.
  3. I fail to see the value of using cursive.


  1. Student doesn't let her rough childhood define her

    LAS FLORES – Ariel Kirkendale didn't learn to write in cursive or know her multiplication tables until seventh grade.As a child, she bounced from one apartment to another with her family, she said, because her stepfather couldn't hold a job. At one...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Canyons, Coto, Ladera & RSM News

  2. Has Technology Killed Cursive Handwriting?

    Think back to the last time you wrote in cursive — you know, that fancy penmanship you may have learned way back in grade school, complete with elegant loops, curls and flourishes. These days, with our fingers tapping on QWERTY keyboards, Evernote taking the place of sticky notes and tablets replacing paper notebooks, a question arises: Has the rise of technology led to the fall of cursive ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Mashable

  3. Cursive writing instruction coming back

    Web Search powered by YAHOO! SEARCH Cursive writing books give children in grade school the opportunity to practice cursive while at home or in the classroom.
    on June 8, 2013     Source: The Daily Reflector

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  1. "This guy does tattoos for a lot of major league players and drew them up for me the last time we were in town," Inge said. "He said to sit on it and think about it, and I just loved it the more I looked at it. It's a real unique cursive...
    on Aug 25, 2009 By: Brandon Inge Source: Chicago Sun-Times

  2. "The way we met Cursive is that we were playing outside of a Cursive show at the Great American Music Hall on the street, and the cello player, I think her name was Gretta Cohn, came out and we talked for a bit and exchanged info. She emailed me and...
    on Jun 2, 2008 By: Anton Patzner Source: Oakbook (blog)

  3. "Ruby, I've painted your house," Mr. Schreiber said. "What's funny about the autograph thing: I don't know how to write in cursive."
    on May 11, 2007 By: Liev Schreiber Source: New York Times

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