curiosity curiosity  /ˌkjʊ ri ˈɑ sə ti/


  1. (n) a state in which you want to learn more about something
  2. (n) something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting


  1. The curiosity gave way to horror and indignation 17 days later Cricket's bruised, partly clothed body had been found in a shallow grave on a mesa twelve miles from town.
  2. We were displayed as a curiosity three times a day for millions of tourists.
  3. He was one of the first Africans to attend the University of Hawaii and a focus of great curiosity.


  1. Local News

    GUILFORD LAKE - Some showed up out of curiosity. Others showed up because they follow independent wrestling like some people follow music bands. Both came expecting something.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Lisbon Morning Journal

  2. Curiosity Gets Set for Epic Drive after Laser Blasting Mars Watery Secrets

    Ten months after her breathtaking touchdown on the Red Planet, NASA’s Curiosity rover is nearly set to embark on an epic drive like no other in space history to the slopes of mysterious Mount Sharp – looming supreme inside Gale Crater and the primary mission objective. But not before the robot completes a few last [...]
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Universe Today

  3. Hawks vs. Bruins a curiosity wrapped in a mystery

    Drop the puck already! Going in, this Hawks-Bruins series is a real curiosity. It's the most unpredicatable championship round that any Chicago team has played in for a half-century.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Daily Herald

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  1. "We believe this was out of imprudent curiosity, but we are taking steps to reassure ourselves that that is, in fact, the case," McCormack said.
    on Mar 20, 2008 By: Sean McCormack Source: FOXNews

  2. "Now they are lost, but still loved. Their memory is a blessing _ not just because of their spirit and intelligence, their love and their laughter, their curiosity and their friendship," Blagojevich said. "Their memory is a blessing because...
    on Feb 24, 2008 By: Rod Blagojevich Source: FOXNews

  3. "Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumours that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible," the golfer said.
    on Nov 29, 2009 By: Tiger Wood Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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