curdle curdle


  1. (v) turn into curds
  2. (v) go bad or sour
  3. (v) turn from a liquid to a solid mass




  1. To curdle young blood one room has a reproduction of the cauldron in which Jack's giant made pot-av-feu of his victims before Jack slew him.
  2. Sentiments that would curdle the postprandial ice cream.
  3. They make it by boiling the milk of water buffalo, letting it cool, adding sour milk to make it curdle faster, then straining off the butter oil, which is the ghee.



  1. Dr Ng said: "The real issue is that Singapore has a very strong scientific base, science, math, engineering, to a curdle of scientists and engineers. We have very small population, and if you want to leverage on our strength, you have to find extra...
    on May 24, 2006 By: Dr Ng Eng Hen Source: Channel News Asia

  2. "When proteins get hot they tend to tangle up tighter than teenagers at a dance," Brown explains in a discussion of yogurt. "When they bond up tight enough, they overcoagulate. And when they overcoagulate, they can curdle. And any cook or...
    on Dec 21, 2004 By: Alton Brown Source: Village Voice

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