crusty crusty  /ˈkrə sti/


  1. (adj) having a hardened crust as a covering
  2. (adj) brusque and surly and forbidding


  1. That's why Peter's crusty, good-natured reminiscences have made him the all-time second-most-subscribed-to uploader on YouTube.
  2. The venerable okay, crusty community blog has been around since 1999, an eon in webtime.
  3. The colonists cooked many a pie: because of their crusty tops, pies acted as a means to preserve food, and were often used to keep the filling fresh during the winter months.


  1. Rick Sweeney is tough, but only on the outside

    Central to most boxing movies is the crusty trainer, the one who would pass for just an irascible old coot were it not for his fighter who draws us in for a closer look. We learn through Balboa that behind Mick’s rough exterior is a true softy. Maggie does the same for Frankie in “Million Dollar Baby.” Although clichés, these hard-boiled characters really are in the sport. Take Albany’s Rick ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Troy Record

  2. American music animates Ojai North

    American music animates Ojai North (Michael Tilson Thomas, who has often taken up the same thread, favors a wider and more eclectic mix.) And the interplay among the three - Ives with his crusty brand of nostalgia, Harrison with his devotion to melody and the various worlds of Asian music, and Cowell with his hymnody and Irish folk strains - proved as compelling as the performances themselves ...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: San Francisco Chronicle


  1. "When greens get so crusty and fast, I just tend to be able to control my stroke better on these quicker putts," Goosen said after his one-shot victory in the Transitions Championship. "I think if I putted on greens like this all year long,...
    on Mar 22, 2009 By: Retief Goosen Source: USA Today

  2. "Crusty old codgers who spend their lives steeped in policy documents smiled for the first time in years," wrote Simon Hoggart in The Guardian newspaper.
    on Mar 27, 2008 By: Simon Hoggart Source: El Paso Times

  3. "I would say they're right there with the US Open in that they're really crusty and firm and bumpy around the hole," Austin said.
    on Jul 1, 2007 By: Woody Austin Source: USA Today

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