critical mass critical mass


  1. (n) the minimum amount (of something) required to start or maintain a venture
  2. (n) the minimum mass of fissionable material that can sustain a chain reaction


  1. The Middle East, somnolent, hot, primitive, resembles what scientists call a critical mass.
  2. But the issue came to critical mass in the public mind, thanks mainly to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and now you can do time for such behavior.
  3. It reached critical mass in late 1930, when 608 banks failed among them the Bank of the United States, which accounted for about a third of the total deposits lost.


  1. Outside View: The third Russian Revolution

    Washington (UPI) Jun 12, 2013 Make no mistake: On the current trajectory, Russia won't be immune to many of the forces that provoked the so-called colored revolutions in adjacent states and even the misnomered Arab Awakening. A third Russian revolution is unfolding. The only questions are when will that revolution reach a critical mass and, most importantly, will the forces of autocracy or ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Space War

  2. Bond Report: Treasurys end higher as early selloff lures buyers

    Treasury prices ended the day higher despite a morning selloff and a weak auction as the haven government debt market finally found a critical mass of buyers.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Market Watch

  3. Photos: World Naked Bike Ride Chicago 2013 (NSFW)

      Much like a critical mass ride, the World Naked Bike Ride makes a statement in simply existing, while being a fairly fun time and not terribly preachy. [ more › ]
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Chicagoist

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