criminalisation criminalisation


  • (n) legislation that makes something illegal


  • An Overview of EU Law on Criminal Sanctions

    This article discusses the possible criminalisation of EU competition law, and compares the EU regime to the national competition regimes of individual EU Member States.
    on March 31, 2014     Source: LawFuel


  1. "We need to seriously ponder and address the issue of corruption, criminalisation and the communalisation of politics, the vicious role played by money and muscle power and inadequate representation of women," Chatterjee said while delivering...
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Chatterjee Source: SINDH TODAY

  2. Mr Adams said: "The determination of the men in the H Blocks and the women prisoners in Armagh ultimately defeated the British government's criminalisation strategy. The enduring legacy of the hunger strikers is to be found all around us. Like the...
    on May 5, 2006 By: Gerry Adams Source:

  3. "The criminalisation of people smuggling in Malaysia will be a big step forward in targeting those involved in organising and facilitating such activities, both for Malaysia and the region," Mr McClelland said.
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Robert McClelland Source: Gov Monitor

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