cowled cowled


  • (adj) having the head enclosed in a cowl or hood


  1. Just before I awoke, feverish and gasping, I noticed a cowled figure Who beckoned slowly to me, and with a gaunt finger pointed into Lovecraft's open sepulcher.
  2. As the cowled figure grinned and gibbered, I saw his unmistakable prognathous jaw and wide, habitually surprised eyes.
  3. Barnabas' Brotherhood, founded as a religious order in 1913, now numbers five cowled and cassocked brothers.


  • How Every Game Developer Has Gotten Spider-Man Wrong

    If the Batman Arkham games proved anything, it's that comic book-based video games can be highly polished AAA titles in addition to their fan service. Batman: Arkham City could have starred an unlicensed character named Jimmy the Cowled Owl and it still would have been an amazing game. However, those games were great because Rocksteady took DC's fiction and incorporated elements from the Batman ...
    on April 25, 2014     Source: Game Informer

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