counterpane counterpane


  • (n) decorative cover for a bed


  1. Only her face was visible above the violet-strewn counterpane.
  2. Under Godot's metaphysical counterpane, believing Christian, doubting pessimist, left-winger and existentialist can all find reasons to nestle for warmth.


  • Bruce Schneier Becomes CTO of Co3 Systems

    An anonymous reader writes "Co3 Systems announced that Bruce Schneier has officially joined the company in the role of its first CTO. Schneier joins Co3 after spending seven years as BT's Chief Security Technology Officer and the previous seven years as CTO of Counterpane Security. Schneier's formal engagement with Co3 Systems began early last year when he joined the company's Advisory Board ...
    on January 6, 2014     Source: Slashdot


  • "Cyber-extortion is certainly on the rise; we see it at Counterpane," Schneier wrote. "Primarily it's against fringe industries - online gambling, online gaming, online porn - operating offshore in countries like Bermuda and the Cayman...
    on Jan 23, 2008 By: Bruce Schneier Source: ZDNet UK

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