counterattack counterattack  /ˈkaʊn tə rə ˌtæk/


  1. (n) an attack by a defending force against an attacking enemy force in order to regain lost ground or cut off enemy advance units etc.
  2. (n) (chess) an attack that is intended to counter the opponent's advantage in another part of the board
  3. (v) make a counterattack


  1. Once more a presidential counterattack on Watergate was under way.
  2. The White House counterattack on the Watergate hearings was under way.
  3. While Franklin Roosevelt sat planning in the White House, enemies of his foreign policy took advantage of his silence to start a counterattack.


  • SA Mayor Castro releases “Hey Chuck! Part II” video

    Poor Charles Barkley. Give the guy a break. This time, he was actually one of the very few who dared to say the Spurs could actually sweep the Heat. But wait. He also continued dissing our women, as he did in 2012, which prompted our Mayor to counterattack with the first “Hey Chuck!” video. So screw him. Go Spurs Go!
    on June 13, 2013     Source: San Antonio Current

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  1. "The goal was very important," Capello said. "We could have played a different style. We made some mistakes when they played the counterattack. The referee made bigger mistakes."
    on Jun 27, 2010 By: Fabio Capello Source: The Associated Press

  2. "We knew that the danger would be in the counterattack and that's a risk we take in our style of play," Mexico defender Rafael Marquez said Tuesday. "And yes, it caused some problems, but we're continuing to work on it so it doesn't happen...
    on Jun 15, 2010 By: Rafael Marquez Source: The Associated Press

  3. "I'm worried about Portugal, not (Ronaldo)," Del Bosque said. "We saw how they controlled Brazil. They didn't let them play their football and were strong on the counterattack."
    on Jun 28, 2010 By: Vicente del Bosque Source:

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