coon coon  /ˈkun/


  1. (n) an eccentric or undignified rustic
  2. (n) (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person
  3. (n) North American raccoon


  1. After she had put the roses on the grave, Alda Sizemore commenced the story of how Old Red the coon dog got run over by a train.
  2. When the Dell hounds tree the coon, the hunt is over and the coon goes back to the supply company.
  3. A coon song can be a black song, as Charles transforms Berlin's antique march into a big-band raver.


  1. Coon Creel Trpit Fest is on Saturday

    Come rain or shine, the Coon Valley Business Association and the La Crosse Trout Association are bringing the Coon Creek Trout Festival to the banks of the Coon Creek in the village of Coon Va…
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Westby Times

  2. Coon Rapids baseball ready to deal at state

    Players from top-seeded Coon Rapids, with four top pitchers, enters the state tourney comfortable in their role.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

  3. Carrie Coon to star in HBO adaptation of 'The Leftovers'

    Coon is cast opposite former "Dr. Who" Christopher Eccleston in an HBO pilot series co-created by Damon Lindelof of "Lost."
    on June 10, 2013     Source: The Capital Times


  1. "If it weren't for the Coon Supper, I probably wouldn't be in public life today," Berry said.
    on Jan 17, 2006 By: Marion Berry Source: ESPN

  2. Greg Inglis on what Andrew Johns said: "I've been described as a 'coon' and it's not called for. I'm just a bloke who loves his sport and loves doing what I do - that's making my family proud and making my indigenous culture proud."
    on Jun 25, 2010 By: Andrew Johns Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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