colonised colonised


  • (adj) inhabited by colonists



  • ABC's Resurrection: France Does Better Zombies, Britain Better Still

    Between AMC’s four-season hit The Walking Dead, and ABC’s freshman drama Resurrection, Sunday nights on American TV are getting rapidly colonised by the undead. In The Walking Dead, of course, the reanimated corpses are proper old-school zombies. In Resurrection, the dead simply come back to life – looking, sounding and feeling much as they did before.
    on March 24, 2014     Source: Forbes


  1. "The British have done that before (look down on Africans), as they colonised us, and they continue to do this, and it's an unfortunate thing," Zuma said, adding: "If people want an engagement, I'm sure we will engage on that issue."
    on Mar 3, 2010 By: Jacob Zuma Source: News24

  2. "The colonial powers must compensate the people they colonised and whose riches they plundered," Kadhafi said in a speech at Lisbon University, a day before European and African leaders gather for a key summit to shore up ties between the two...
    on Dec 7, 2007 By: Moammar Gadhafi Source: AFP

  3. "There is no such a thing and the allegations are totally false. These are the people who are working for the people who colonised us. They are always trying to bring up these matters," Mr Banda said.
    on Jun 26, 2010 By: Rupiah Banda Source: Lusaka Times

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