colonisation colonisation


  • (n) the act of colonizing; the establishment of colonies



  1. Wedgies rule Australia and, separately, Tasmania

    The Aquila genus is normally successful wherever it roams, but there is some doubt about fitness in a quite recent colonisation of Tasmania by a sub-species. Learning more about such gene flow is critical to all conservation.
    on October 30, 2013     Source:

  2. How bacteria with a sweet tooth may keep us healthy

    Some gut bacterial strains are specifically adapted to use sugars in our gut lining to aid colonisation, potentially giving them a major influence over our gut health.
    on October 28, 2013     Source: Science Daily


  1. "This type of solution only reinforces the occupation and colonisation and is aimed at preventing the creation of an independent Palestinian state," Abbas added.
    on Mar 29, 2008 By: Mahmoud Abbas Source: AFP

  2. "Our country has caused great damages and pain to people in many countries, especially our Asian neighbours, through colonisation and invasion," said Mr Koizumi. "We humbly accept these historic facts, and would like to express once again our...
    on Aug 15, 2005 By: Junichiro Koizumi Source:

  3. "Thanks to the significant improvement in educational standards and literacy (during colonisation), Taiwan is now a country with a very high education level and keeps up with the current era," Mr Aso told an audience in the western Japanese city...
    on Feb 5, 2006 By: Taro Aso Source:

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