cogency cogency  /ˈkoʊ dʒən si/


  1. (n) persuasive relevance
  2. (n) the quality of being valid and rigorous



  • Comment on California farmers look to immigration bill to fix problems

    " It's not rocket science Mayor Gunter. Merely give these illegal aliens green cards, then put them to work....Duh... But then again, that probably doesn't fit your amnesty agenda, does it? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Being incapable of any measurable cogency, the liberal will invariably distort the issue to ...
    on August 15, 2013     Source: Denver Post


  1. "Public discourse should not sink to the level of the gutter," said Tutu. "Debate can be vigorous and animated, but in the end it has to be the cogency of the argument, and not the loudness and barbarity of language, that will win the day."
    on Mar 2, 2009 By: Desmond Tutu Source: Ecumenical News International

  2. Rudd noted he was concerned the NPT was beginning "to lose its cogency in the eyes of states," he said.
    on Jun 9, 2008 By: Kevin Rudd Source: Khaleej Times

  3. ...argues such changes are wise because making the Fed the overarching guardian of financial stability would make the Fed bigger and more powerful at a time when "some people have argued, with some cogency, that the Fed has too much unchecked...
    on Mar 31, 2010 By: Alan Blinder Source: Wall Street Journal (blog)

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