clutch clutch  /ˈklətʃ/


  1. (n) the act of grasping
  2. (n) a tense critical situation
  3. (n) a number of birds hatched at the same time
  4. (n) a collection of things or persons to be handled together
  5. (n) a woman's strapless purse that is carried in the hand
  6. (n) a pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism
  7. (n) a coupling that connects or disconnects driving and driven parts of a driving mechanism
  8. (v) take hold of; grab
  9. (v) hold firmly, usually with one's hands
  10. (v) affect


  1. Ranking the 5 Most Clutch Players in Orange History

    There's nothing like a game-winning shot at the buzzer in college basketball, but you need a player with ice in his veins to hit a clutch shot like that. Luckily for Syracuse fans, the Orange have had a ton of clutch players over the years. Whenever the Orange need a big shot, they have someone to rely on, and a few guys have proven that they can always be relied on in the final minute. Let's ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

  2. Win It! A Clutch from the Kate Hudson Capsule Collection for Ann Taylor

    “Extra” is giving a clutch from Kate Hudson’s collection to one lucky friend.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Extra TV

  3. Paul Goldschmidt and hitting in the clutch

    So Paul Goldschmidt's "clutch" credentials so far are pretty spectacular: He's hitting .431 and slugging .914 with runners in scoring position. He has four go-ahead homers in the eighth or later, most in the majors, including this three-run homer with two outs in the eighth on Friday against the Giants. (Why Goldschmidt was allowed to face a left-hander there is another discussion). He's hitting ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: ESPN Blogs

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  1. "It was a great swing, but part of the reason he got a chance to swing is David is such a good hitter, such a clutch hitter," Francona said. "That's why you want to have as many good hitters as you can, so they can't pitch around people."
    on Oct 5, 2007 By: Terry Francona Source: Forbes

  2. Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem leader, said: "A secret inquiry, conducted by a clutch of grandees hand picked by the prime minister, is not what Britain needs."
    on Jun 15, 2009 By: Nick Clegg Source:

  3. "He is a complete player on both sides of the ball, a clutch performer and a winner," Giants general manager Brian Sabean said in a statement Thursday announcing the deal. "He has the hardware to show it with the awards he has garnered and a...
    on Dec 4, 2008 By: Brian Sabean Source: Houston Chronicle

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