chouse chouse


  • (v) defeat someone through trickery or deceit



  1. Obviously, the bishop is a bidone, a small-time swindler, and the camera has just watched him chouse some country chumpkins.
  2. After the Indians wipe out enough of them you get your public outcry, and we go chouse the Indians out of the way.


  • Tenor's roles take him across the globe

    Editor's note: “Catching Up With ... ” is a series running the first Sunday of each month about artists and entertainers from San Antonio who are enjoying careers away from home. Seven years ago, San Antonio-born tenor Michael Wade Lee was seriously considering giving up on his dream of a solo career in opera to become a full-time chorister at the Metropolitan Opera. Lee started racking up a ...
    on September 11, 2013     Source: San Antonio Express-News

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