chorus chorus  /ˈkɔ rəs/


  1. (n) any utterance produced simultaneously by a group
  2. (n) a group of people assembled to sing together
  3. (n) the part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers
  4. (n) a body of dancers or singers who perform together
  5. (n) a company of actors who comment (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action in a classical Greek play
  6. (v) utter in unison
  7. (v) sing in a choir


  1. The chorus is from the woman, and there are some sound effects like a rap song.
  2. Chorus and soloists wear understated modern clothes: Pilate in a business suit, Mary in flowing black.
  3. Last month, when Philadelphia Composer Harl McDonald announced the first performance of a composition for women's chorus and orchestra commemorating the Lindbergh kidnapping,.


  1. E pluribus unum One Voice Mixed Chorus in Bigfork

    One Voice Mixed Chorus, Minnesota’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender (GLBT) and straight allies chorus, celebrates the finale of its 25th anniversary season with “Minnesota Voices,” a concert celebrating all things Minnesota -- from the State Fair, lumberjacks and folk-songs to music on a stick!
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Grand Rapids Herald-Review

  2. Youth chorus auditions to be held in Danvers June 22

    The StarSingers will hold auditions on Saturday, June 22 for the 2013-14 school year.  Places are open for new members in the company (for girls in grades four through six) and in the Boys Chorus (for boys in grades four through nine).
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Danvers Herald

  3. Colonial Chorus Players presents “Nunsense”

    Colonial Chorus Players, a non-profit community theater group, will present Nunsense.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Reading Advocate


  1. "It is time for Robert Mugabe to go," President George W. Bush said on Tuesday. "We urge others from the region to step up and join the growing chorus of voices calling for an end to Mugabe's tyranny."
    on Dec 9, 2008 By: President Bush Source: Newsweek

  2. "There's a growing chorus of establishment Republicans to sort of call the game here," Huckabee told about 100 supporters in Richmond, Va.,
    on Feb 11, 2008 By: Mike Huckabee Source: Ledger Independent

  3. While their relationship has improved, the younger Gardner said he'll still "join the chorus" of voices opposed to Initiative 1000.
    on Jun 16, 2008 By: Booth Gardner Source: Town Hall

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