chilliness chilliness


  1. (n) the property of being moderately cold
  2. (n) a lack of affection or enthusiasm


  1. For 27 years we have relied on unilateral sanctions and diplomatic chilliness to persuade Iran to moderate its behavior and forsake its nuclear ambitions.
  2. By constricting blood vessels, it casts a pallor over the face and diminishes circulation in the extremities, often causing chilliness in the arms and legs.
  3. Prudently neutral President Castillo may have been concerned with the chilliness of splendid isolation, but he braved it through.


  • Letter: Love letter to New Bern

    I am writing to you from my home in sunny California, where the sun is bright and the temperature is an easy 76 degrees. However, by the time you read this letter I will be home in North Carolina in the 60 degrees chilliness. Born and raised in Vanceboro, I spent the majority of my youth performing and working in community theatre at The New Bern Civic Theatre my home away from home. Now, I am ...
    on December 2, 2013     Source: New Bern Sun Journal

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