charnel charnel


  1. (n) a vault or building where corpses or bones are deposited
  2. (adj) gruesomely indicative of death or the dead



  1. For millions of vegetarians, beef is a four-letter word; veal summons charnel visions of infanticide.
  2. And yet it is scarcely 60 years since hospitals were like charnel houses.
  3. Her home is a jail, but outside the city whose byways it has been her job and passion to celebrate is a charnel house she fears to enter.


  • Mideast power vacuum enables al-Qaida

    BEIRUT - The images of recent days have an eerie familiarity, as if the horrors of the past decade were being played back: masked gunmen of al-Qaeda recapturing the Iraqi cities of Falluja and Ramadi, where so many U.S. soldiers died fighting them. Car bombs exploding amid the elegance of downtown Beirut. The charnel house of Syria's worsening civil war.
    on January 5, 2014     Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette


  1. Winston Churchill, Britain's wartime leader, called postwar Europe "a rubble heap, a charnel-house, a breeding-ground for pestilence and hate".
    on Mar 18, 2007 By: Winston Churchill Source: BBC News

  2. (Random House, $13.95.) This first novel, about the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, is "an absorbing, unsparing and beautifully written account of one young man's escape from the charnel house that Ireland became," Kevin Baker said in the Book...
    on Oct 26, 2007 By: Kevin Baker Source: New York Times

  3. Labour's Gerald Kaufman says the Gaza strip is now a "blood-spattered charnel house", and asks for categorical condemnation of the Israeli government for their "slaughter" of innocent Palestinians yesterday.
    on May 19, 2004 By: Gerald Kaufman Source:

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