chair chair  /ˈtʃɛr/


  1. (n) a seat for one person, with a support for the back
  2. (n) the position of professor
  3. (n) the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization
  4. (n) an instrument of execution by electrocution; resembles an ordinary seat for one person
  5. (n) a particular seat in an orchestra
  6. (v) act or preside as chair, as of an academic department in a university
  7. (v) preside over


  1. He walked grinning to the chair, told one of the guards that one of the electrodes against his leg did not seem tight enough, and he died.
  2. Democratic chair: Robert Byrd, West Virginia Effect of change: Not much.
  3. Iowa Senator to replace Kennedy as chair of the key committee.


  1. 'It's a lawn chair waiting to fly'

    Joe Barbera is going sit back in his lawn chair, fill up some balloons, and soar 12,000 feet into the air.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: KATU Portland

  2. Angola names president's son to chair $5 bln sovereign wealth fund

    LISBON (Reuters) - Angola on Friday appointed one of President Jose Eduardo dos Santos' sons to chair its $5 billion sovereign wealth fund, a move likely to raise further questions about transparency and nepotism in Africa's second-biggest oil producer. Angola launched the fund in October to invest in domestic and overseas assets by funnelling oil wealth into infrastructure, hotels and other ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

  3. Cotton Chair Advisory Council at Texas A&M hears latest in research, engineering developments

    Writer: Blair Fannin, 979-845-2259, Contact: Dr. Calvin Parnell, 979-845-3985, COLLEGE STATION – The Cotton Chair Advisory Council meeting at Texas A&M University recently yielded several research presentations and demonstrations showcasing the latest in cotton and related engineering work. The Cotton Chair Advisory Council advises Chair and Regents ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Texas A&M AgNews

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  1. "I have managed four major pieces of legislation through Congress; served as chair and acting Chair of two major Senate committees, placing me at the center of the two most importance issues of our time - health care and reform of financial...
    on Jan 6, 2010 By: Chris Dodd Source: BusinessWeek

  2. Hearing a loud noise and interrupting his speech, Huckabee said: "That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He's getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he - he dove for the floor."
    on May 16, 2008 By: Mike Huckabee Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. Padel said she would no longer take up the post: "I wish to do what is best for the university and I understand that opinion there is divided. I therefore resign from the chair of poetry. I hope wounds will now heal and I wish the next professor all...
    on May 26, 2009 By: Ruth Padel Source: New Zealand Herald

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