cask cask  /ˈkæsk/


  1. (n) the quantity a cask will hold
  2. (n) a cylindrical container that holds liquids



  1. Head two blocks west instead to the Spotted Pig, a bustling gastropub where you can recharge your batteries with a cask-conditioned ale.
  2. Some of the brandy was drawn off from the cask's lower bunghole and it was refilled from the top.
  3. Even then, there were white knuckles whenever one flew since the risk existed that an uncontrolled reentry would crack the cask and leak radiation.


  • Pilgrim dry cask storage appeal hearing continued to July 10

    In 1967, when the town approved a special permit that allowed the construction of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant, did it also, in effect, give permission to the plant's owners to build an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (dry cask storage) 46 years later? Or do the towns'  zoning regulations require that Pilgrim-owner Entergy submit to the special permit process – which includes a ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Brockton Enterprise


  1. "I am starting to make ice cubes with Fiji Water for my Cocktail Reservado list," says Adam Seger, owner of Nacional 27, a Latin restaurant in Chicago. "For my Richy Roy, I stir 28-year-old unfiltered, cask-proof Glenlivet with sweet vermouth...
    on Feb 7, 2007 By: Bob Seger Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Fittipaldi said about his return: "I am happy to be back with Cheever Racing and the Crown Royal Cask No. 16 Race Team, and especially look forward to driving again with Antonio (Garcia). We get along very well and I admire his skill as a driver....
    on Jul 29, 2008 By: Christian Fittipaldi Source:

  3. "As a keen cask ale drinker and member of the licensed trade I know that Greene King IPA is the genuine article," said Dallaglio. "Now I've hung up my boots, I am going to be working hard to help the brand to develop a deeper involvement in...
    on Jun 10, 2008 By: Lawrence Dallaglio Source: Morning Advertiser

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