buttoned-up buttoned-up


  1. (adj) (British colloquial) not inclined to conversation
  2. (adj) conservative in professional manner


  1. For the lay reader, there wasn't much in the writing to excite interest, but at the end, the buttoned-up professor unbuttoned a bit.
  2. The mood on both occasions was funereal; it might have been touching to see two such buttoned-up guys welling with tears if the corpses weren't their political careers.
  3. The idea that buttoned-up Singapore, better known for punitive caning and a onetime ban on chewing gum, should emerge as a center of enlightenment seems unlikely.


  • What to expect from Mike McCoy's Chargers

    A look at what to expect as the San Diego Chargers begin the Mike McCoy era: Biggest change to expect: McCoy is a mystery because he became a head coach for the first time at age 40. But from his days as an offensive coordinator and from watching and listening to him, I expect a very straightforward approach. McCoy is a buttoned-up guy who will not be Mr. Rah-Rah. But he is highly detail ...
    on July 25, 2013     Source: ESPN Blogs


  1. "The relationship that Peter and Neal have is quite complicated," said DeKay, whose character is happily married. "It's not just a buttoned-up cop who gets a little frustrated with the cool ex-con artist. It's more that they do like each...
    on Nov 12, 2009 By: Tim DeKay Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. Mark Salter, another top aide to McCain, says Obama is running "one buttoned-up, conventional campaign." "Is new politics just stadium-sized crowds and lots of money?"
    on Apr 17, 2008 By: Mark Salter Source: CBS News

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