buttock buttock  /ˈbə tək/


  • (n) either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump


  1. The left buttock was still swollen.
  2. Four months earlier safety Willie Cooper was shot in the buttocks outside his Miami home.
  3. Gallo, wounded in a buttock, an elbow and his back, staggered toward the front of the caf.



  1. "It's a strange one but I don't seem to have too many normal injuries. I wanted them to say it as a hamstring injury but they put it down as a 'buttock strain', which it really is. So I've been getting a bit of stick off the boys," Tiatto said....
    on Oct 29, 2008 By: Danny Tiatto Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. "He's got a little tear in one of the muscles in his buttock and we are going to give him a little bit more time to see if he's going to be fit," said England coach Andy Flower. "We gave him a fitness test out there - he bowled at full pace...
    on Oct 1, 2009 By: Andy Flower Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  3. "It's a pretty bad cork and it's right in his buttock running into his hamstring and his hamstring was sore anyway, so it's sort of linked to that," Worsfold said. "In the last game he played he complained of a sore hamstring and then got the...
    on Aug 20, 2008 By: John Worsfold Source: Courier Mail

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