bucketful bucketful


  • (n) the quantity contained in a bucket


  1. So poor are most who live in the Delta that some are prepared to risk their lives for a bucketful of fuel.
  2. It too contained a bucketful of earth wrapped in plastic, and apparently nothing else.
  3. When we met Awa Kone, she was watering, bucketful by bucketful, young banana and mango trees and small plots of onions, tomatoes and eggplants.


  1. Child care squeeze to hit hundreds of NKY families

    At Treasure House Child Development Center, year-old toddlers amiably line up for outside time. Preschoolers are finishing up on the playground. It's water day on Tuesday, and one little girl pours a bucketful over her head and squeals.
    on July 1, 2013     Source: The Cincinnati Enquirer


    “Have one.” It’s Luciano. He’s sitting with a bucketful of Dos Equis. I’ve just sat up at the bar. He’s at6 tne next table, under the peg bvoard scattered with pictures of past parties here.
    on June 30, 2013     Source: San Diego Reader

  3. SURVEY: 60% Of Self-Proclaimed Vegetarians Ate Meat Yesterday

    Pretty much every vegetarian has been accused of eating meat on the sly — which makes sense, since most meat eaters can’t picture life without steak (or hamburgers , or hot dogs , or bacon ). But if you accuse a vegetarian of pounding down veal burgers during their off hours, chances are you’ll be met with some serious kale-fueled rage that’ll take a bucketful of bacon to forget.
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Business Insider


  1. "It is not easy to sum up briefly the five years since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea," Buck told The Daily Telegraph. "But clearly Roman secured the long-term financial future of Chelsea, brought a winning mentality and a bucketful of...
    on Jun 30, 2008 By: Bruce Buck Source: Telegraph.co.uk

  2. "After the 137 Pataudi told me that I was hitting well, but the ball was not racing to the fence and I should lift dumb bells to strengthen my wrist. I lifted bucketful of water at home. Well, I enjoy the batting of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid...
    on Sep 18, 2009 By: Gundappa Viswanath Source: The Hindu

  3. Sturrock said: "I pride myself on normally having teams that are hard to play against and hard to score against. But we are losing goals by the bucketful at this minute."
    on Sep 13, 2009 By: Paul Sturrock Source: The Herald

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