brownish-black brownish-black


  • (adj) of black tinged with brown


  1. Outlines of the figure are buried in a subdued brownish-black background, yet gilt buttons streak like dim lights to shape his presence.
  2. On the beaches, in the cliffs and dunes and marshes beyond them, linger the grim remindersrusted guns, brownish-black pillboxes, and endless rows of crosses.
  3. Though the mummified body was completely hairless, investigators have plucked about 1,000 curly brownish-black hairs from the recovered shreds of clothing.


  • Puppies ready to parade with you for Fiesta

    [...] not long ago a kind person showed up with a rescued litter, hoping that the wiggling, wagging bunch could be placed in good homes. Benjamin, who loves to snuggle, is white with a brownish-black face, endearing expression and a tail that's in constant motion. Bernard is white, fluffy and specializes in giving what the shelter folks call "puppy hugs."
    on September 14, 2013     Source: San Antonio Express-News

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