breeziness breeziness


  1. (n) a mildly windy state of the air
  2. (n) a breezy liveliness



  1. So here's a switch: a modern comedy that trumpets its breeziness from its first shots, of a man stepping into a newfangled street stall that gives his body a sort of car wash.
  2. Here he puts his California breeziness and good looks in the service of a superbeing trapped in human skin and becoming human.
  3. It has also a sort of faded pep and dated breeziness, but these links with the past make it frightfully reminiscent yet not the least bit nostalgic.


  • Seasonal temps continue

    PHOENIX -- No major changes in the weather outlook for the rest of this week around Arizona. We’re still looking for a slight cooldown toward the end of the week and weekend and some breeziness, mainly in northern Arizona. Even with a cold front expected to move through the state Friday, the forecast models are telling us it will stay dry. Valley highs will be in the low 90s and upper 80s ...
    on October 2, 2013     Source: KTVK 3TV Phoenix

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