brashly brashly


  • (adv) in a brash cheeky manner



  1. Although no medical realist has ever before been able to confute satisfactorily the Miracle of the Stigmata, Historian Hartung brashly declares:.
  2. College students talk brashly about sex; a commonplace crusade these days is for the sale of contraceptives in campus stores.
  3. And then in the final and fatal exchange, Zelaya sent his supporters in the capital to peacefully take over the airport, and brashly flew into Honduran airspace.


  • Soccer-Manuel Pellegrini - a 'special one' in his own quiet way

    By Iain Rogers MADRID, June 14 (Reuters) - Manchester City's new coach Manuel Pellegrini can perhaps best be understood when compared with the man who replaced him at Real Madrid and with whom he will lock horns again in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho. While the brashly confident Mourinho - the self-proclaimed "special one" - foments confrontation, the studious and scrupulously polite ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Reuters via Yahoo! News

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