bowlful bowlful


  • (n) the quantity contained in a bowl


  1. Eat them by the handful, not the bowlful.
  2. The chilis hidden in that heaping plate of pasta with rag have the heat of the day, while a chilled summer minestrone brings a bowlful of cool.
  3. A free milk line serves half a bowlful to each child under five; then, if the child does not vomit from an unaccustomed stomach, he may have another half bowlful.


  • 'Hometown boys' set to be opener for Bowlful of Blues

    With all of the big names taking part in the upcoming 21st Annual Bowlful of Blues show on Aug. 31, one band may have a louder reception than the others. Newton’s own Poppa Neptune opens the show at noon with a guest appearance from Detroit’s Larry Davidson, a Quad City native and virtuoso on the harp.
    on August 2, 2013     Source: Newton Daily News

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